• The tester is equipped with large LCD screen and graphical interface. During test, the operator only need to set value of max output testing voltage, max output current and step length,then the tester will automatically rise voltage from zero step by step. The tester will display voltage-current curve and record the test data automatically.
  • The tester is suitable for test of both CT and VT.
  • Operation through imported optical mouse. Usually used panel buttons, switches, knobs are not needed. This leads to easier operation and longer lifetime.
  • With large capacity memorizer which could memorize 45 groups of test data. The data could be saved and transferred or printed when the operator goes back to the office.

Technical Parameters

  • Power supply:220V/380V(self-adaption)
  • Volt-ampere characteristics test:
    input 220V, output 0~650V/280V(LV output)20A(max)
    input 380V, output 0~1200V/450V(LV output)20A(max)
    voltage measurement:1200V    Grade 0.2(resolution 0.1V)
    current measurement:20A     Grade 0.2(resolution 0.01A)
  • Transformation ratio test:
    measurement RANGE:0~6500.0/5   Grade 0.5
    current booster output:600A~2000A(optional)
    Primary current measurement:2000A   Grade 0.2
    Secondary current measurement:20A    Grade 0.2
    main part output to current booster:max 10KVA
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