SF2801 Schering bridge




SF2801 high voltage capacitance bridge measures precisely capacitance CX and dielectric loss tanδ for various of insulation materials, power cables, insulation bushings, instrument transformers, transformers and other electrical high voltage equipment under frequency voltage.

1. Double shielded, can effectively prevent external electromagnetic interference.
2. Long-life switch, electrical and mechanical properties, remain good after 350000 turns.
3. Special ageing process for inside resistors and capacitors , the instrument is stable and reliable in performance.
4. Wide measuring range, no limit of high voltage measurement, only need matching standard capacitor. Proper working,  stable reading;good measuring sensitivity under low voltage of 400V
5. Sockets and plugs interchangeable with that of Switzerland 2801 bridge
6. Technical parameters identical to that of Switzerland TETTEX 2801 bridge, it is copy from TETTEX 2801 bridge. Six measuring lines, 13 applications, meet requirements of various occasions.

Technical Parameters


Measuring range:
CX     3pF~100000pF 
3pF~11μF (with internal shunt)
CX max 110μF(external shunt)
CX max 33000μF(use current transformer)
tanδ   0~1.1(110%)
CX         ≤±0.05%
tanδ    ≤±0.5%±5×10-5

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