QS30b High-Voltage Capacitance Bridge




QS30b-type high-voltage bridge is newly-designed semi-intelligent high-voltage bridge. It takes use of combined line of current-comparator and Schering bridge. The  instrument could  measure  dielectric loss tgδ and capacitance (C) under AC high voltage for all kinds of insulating oil and insulating materials. It uses straight polarity, testing object insulating to earth. As the bridge includes a 2500kV high voltage power source and a high voltage standard capacitor, also it combines the galvanometer and the high voltage bridge, the bridge is particularly adapted to measure dielectric loss (tgδ) and permittivity (ε) for various types of insulating oil and insulating materials. Also the bridge is equipped with data processing and printing functions, making the measurement more convenient and intuitive.

Technical Parameters

  • Bridge capacitance ratio Cx/Cs (when the rated ratio is 1:1) is 0-1.11110, step 0.00001, multiplying power(K)ranges from grade 10,5,2,1. Capacitance measuring range depends on capacitance of the standard capacitor Cs. That is Cx=Cs·K·(Cx/Cs)
  • Measurement accuracy of capacitance ratio: when capacitance ratio reading on the first scale is full,
    tgδ< 3×10-3 , +0.00005
    tgδ≥3×10-3 , +0.00005+0.005×tgδx      
  • Bridge tgδ range +0.111110,step 0.000001
  • Tgδx measurement accuracy≤±0.5% tgδx±5×10-5
  • Tested capacitance display:Cx=(0.1~11.1110)Cn
    Capacitance and dielectric loss display accuracyCapacitance :±0.5%×tgδx±0.00005;dielectric loss:±0.5% tgδx±5×10-5
  • Power supply voltage 220V,  tolerance 10%,frequency 50±2Hz, Power consumption 40W
  • Technical characteristics of high voltage power supplyoutput voltage:0~2500V/50Hz;output high current出:0~10mA(approx)
  • Built-in standard capacitor: capacitance 100Pf or 50pF(Nominal value,actual value is showed in print file)
  • Dimension:560(width)*410(length)*390(height)mm
  • Weight:approx 35kg
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