SFY060 Digital Peak Voltmeter




  • Measured signals: 1.2/50,4/10,  8/20,  20/250,  250/2000 , chopping wave, arrester valve residual voltage wave, impulse voltage and current wave
  • Setting of K & R: setting of signal input divider ratio and shunt resistance: setting range of K ( 7 bit effective input): 99999.99——0.01 setting range of R: :9.999999¬——0.000001
  • Signal input range:1~1200V
  • Peak measurement Linearity:0.5%
  • Input impedance:>1MΩ 
  • Power supply: 220V/20VA  
  • Use condition: -15~55℃


  • Identify positive and negative signals: automatic identification of positive and negative input signals, timely show of positive and negative signal with peak value
  • Automatic convert range: intelligently judge signal amplitude , automatic convert measurement range to ensure accuracy
  • Data saving: automatic save 300 groups of signal peak information,  can be printed and cleared.
  • Measurement count: automatic cumulative  count of the input pulse signals, can be cleared
  • Display:Dot matrix LCD display,backlighting
  • RS485 serial port, communicated with the computer on upload peak information, background labview software.
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